Kids – Tornadoes To Be Cherished


December 2014

Any other Moms out there feel like having nice things is fruitless? Children are like tornadoes. I love them but the minute they all step into the house it’s a whirlwind of papers, toys, food and cups lying around the house. Our dishwasher was broken when a wrestling match broke out in the kitchen and someone landed on it. Our couch pillows are constantly on the floor collecting dog hair, every stair in our oak staircase has a ding in it from all the running, tripping and perhaps “blanket sledding” that takes place. Our remotes often go missing and both cars have a nice ding in them from someone throwing open the door of the Yukon… right into the side of the Jeep. (Usually someone is that pesky “Not me” person.)

As a Type A with a twinge of obsessive compulsive disorder, it can make me crazy. But then I think, we only have about three years with all four of them in the house, then it will quickly go to three, two, one and none. The days are long but the years are short, so I know I need to embrace these times and all of their chaotic glory. I know that one day, I’ll miss the madness and the house will be too quiet. So if your kids are driving you crazy today, remember it will be all over soon. And you’ll miss it, I promise.

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